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Our primary focus at Hippo Multi-activities is on becoming a prominent and dynamic force in driving growth across various sectors, we have a clear vision to utilize trade activities for a more productive and prosperous future for merchants, manufacturers & agricultural producers.


Our vision is to establish ourselves as the foremost facilitator of thoughtful trading, driving sustainable growth and prosperity for our clients, partners & their communities


We are committed to expanding local markets by leveraging international trade processes and offering comprehensive business support services. We aim to create opportunities for local businesses to thrive and succeed in the global marketplace.


We uphold a set of core values that guide our actions and decisions: professionalism, integrity, quality & adaptability, growth & impact, and adopting knowledge-driven approaches. These values are the foundation of our operations and reflect our commitment to excellence.


1. Export: Our primary goal is to export high-quality products across various sectors. We strive to identify and seize opportunities that align with market demand, ensuring that our exports meet the highest quality standards..
2. Import: We also aim to identify and import customized items based on the specific needs of our clients. Understanding their requirements, allows us to source and deliver tailored solutions that meet their expectations.
3. Business Services: In addition to our trading activities, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of business services to our local partners and suppliers. By offering complementary support, we aim to enhance their capabilities and contribute to their overall success. Through our enhanced vision, mission, values, and goals, we are committed to driving positive change and fostering economic growth.

Our Services



1. Export: We facilitate the export of various products to China, including Gum Arabic, Animal Products, and Different Crops.


2. Consultancy: We guide the most optimal approach to starting a business in China or working with a Chinese supplier. We offer information, data, recommendations, and connections to the best suppliers, prices and to the optimal business process.


3. Translation: We offer professional translation services in Arabic, Chinese, and English for all your business needs, including documents, catalogues, interpretations, conferences, and more.

Shipping Services

4. Shipping Services: We offer a wide range of shipping services, such as :
• Freight forwarding
• Ocean freight services (FCL and LCL shipments)
• Air freight services
• Road freight services
• Rail freight services
• Customs clearance
• Warehousing and distribution
• Packaging and crating
• Tracking and logistics management
• Specialized cargo handling
• Project cargo services
• Door-to-door services

Supply Chain Services

5. Supply Chain Services: Our supply chain services vary from :
• Transportation and Freight Management
• Warehousing and Distribution
• Inventory Management
• Order Fulfillment
• Customs and Compliance
• Freight Forwarding
• Supply Chain Consulting
• Technology Solutions
• Reverse Logistics
• Vendor and Supplier Management
• Last-Mile Delivery
• Risk Management

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